Special Production Elevators

Along with the needs of our customers, the Special Production Elevators which are mainly manufactured for factories and production facilities are designed with 3D drawing programs and easily applied to the inside or outside surfaces of these facilities. The capacity, speed and cabin dimensions are produced according to the size of the materials to be carried, way of loading or required speed of lifting.

Unlike usual elevators, as with all of our models models this does not need a pit or an engine room. Thus, the assembly of these machines can easily be made to any desired point by the company without additional costs.
Technical Specifications
Tip ARK-5000
Capacity 5000 Kg
Speed 0-40 m/dak
Max. Height (H) 200 m
Cabinet Width (A) 2,5 m
Cab Length (B) 4 m
Cab Elevation (C) 2,3 m
Number of Engine 2x2 adet
Control DOL/FC
Security Notice GF
(Accuracy Parachute)
Power (3 Phase) 380V-50 Hz
Mast Double
Mast Type Square Mast
Mast Yüksekliği 1,508 m
Mast Height(With gear) 130 Kg
Gear Module 8